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What Message does your Inner Child have for You ?

MY STORY The air was perfectly still and yet my heart was jumping with joy. I felt pure adrenaline flowing as I ran out the door of our house like a wild horse . I felt so free . Nothing mattered in that moment. It was  peace. It was magical and I was purely in […]

How Can the Lunar Eclipse help you Find Peace ?

Are you looking for peace among the chaos? LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS The lunar eclipse in Taurus is here to help. You must first get real and ask yourself one question. Where are you resisting change? This is your invitation to break free. It’s an energetic push from the cosmos to move you forward in […]

Do You Need a Big New Beginning?

Solar Eclipse Power Monday is the solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Solar eclipses are a super charged new moon. This is a time where you can create powerful change in your life. Because this solar eclipse is both a new moon and an eclipse it gives you a double opportunity. New moons are […]

Full Moon Manifesting : What is the Full Moon Asking you to Release?

Full Moon Manifesting : What is it? Full moon manifesting is a powerful way to work with the lunar cycle each month. During the middle of each month ,we have a full moon in a different astrological sign. This month, it is in fiery Aries.  Working with the cycles of the moon and drawing on […]

Do you want more Balance & Harmony in your Life and Relationships?

Do you want more balance and harmony in your life? The New Moon in Libra this Sunday is all about balance and harmony restoration . The new moon each month can amplify your ability to manifest in your life. Harness its powerful energy into your life in three steps.  Go Inward This is a time […]

Leaning into Emotions Instead of Running During Full Moon

Learning into Emotions Instead of Running During Full Moon

Do you feel like escaping an emotion because it is just too intense? You are not alone. We all do this when feelings are overwhelming to us or we are not sure how to deal with them.  But, I want you to consider doing something completely counterintuitive when you feel an intense emotion.  I want […]

What Do You Want to Welcome into your Life with the New Moon?

What Do You Want to Welcome into Your Life with the New Moon?

Many years ago when I was a teacher, one of the elder teachers at our school said to me.” You can tell it is a full moon today.”  I thought to myself, what is she talking about ? But sure enough, I started tracking it and my students would always behave in amplified ways around […]