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Hi I’m Christy 

Medical Psychologist | Feng Shui Master | Author

Feng Shui is a lifestyle. It is really just living intentionally . You can create peace + calm with this ancient wisdom.  I combine the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with modern science to empower you to create big change in your life.


Feel More Peaceful Today

Learn the 3 Ancient Principles of Feng Shui that will Change the way you Live and Feel.

I’m Christy, a Medical Psychologist & Feng Shui Master and I’m here to help you Connect Your Mind and Your Home for a Peaceful Life.

Feng Shui is knowing Your Own Energy and learning to intuitively read the Energy of Your Home. Magic Happens when the two come together.

Are you ready to…

Find Inner Peace

Feel Calm & Lose the Chaos

Say Goodbye to Toxic People

Do Less & Attract More

Finally Say Yes to You

Do New Things in New Ways & Truly Prosper

Allow your Home to Deeply Nourish You

You can cultivate a peaceful mind + home.

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The 3 Ancient Principles

I’ve discovered 3 ancient principles that will change the way you live and feel. While I was studying Feng Shui, I realized that these three ancient principles were the same in both ancient medicine and modern science. We just address them differently. I want to empower you to heal, live in the power of peace, and thrive in life.  In my upcoming book Feng Shui Mind, I will share the five patterns of clutter, emotion and fear that show up in your home. The outer always reflects the inner and you will know how to decode your home.

Through these Three Principles you Will:

  • Identify your Clutter Pattern
  • Know what your Home Says about Your Emotions
  • Remove any Fear Blocking You
  • Balance Your Personal Elements
  • Work with Crystals specific to Your Pattern
  • Choose the Right Paint Colors for Calm
  • Create Personal Practices that Support Peace

Which Ancient Feng Shui Principle Can Transform Your Mind & Home?

The Impact of Color on Mood

Did you know that color has the ability to evoke emotions and affect your mood? Our home contains many things that affect our mind. They can make us feel calm and peaceful or overwhelmed and stressed.

One easy way to connect your mind and your home is with color. Bring color in with paint, art, curtains, pillows, and rugs. A slight adjustment can have a huge impact on your mood.

Color can Make you Feel:

  • Clear
  • Calm
  • Peaceful
  • Grounded
  • Connected
  • Inspired
  • Alive
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Joyful

What Color do you Need in Your Life Right Now?

I’m Ready for Peace

Easy Feng Shui Tips that Bring Big Change

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Feng Shui Mind Group

Facebook Community

This is a private virtual community and a safe space to connect with others while learning to create a peaceful mind and home. In this group, you will get to know me more intimately as well as meet other amazing, inspiring folks! You will begin to connect your mind and your home on a deeper level for a peaceful life.

We will explore all of the things that will allow you to go deeper on your journey toward peace. I want you to inspire and support each other, share ideas and projects for your home, and ask questions of each other.  

You are energy. Your home is energy. Magic happens when the two come together.

Meet Christy

Christy has been studying the mind for 25 years. In 2013, she began to search for healing modalities outside of western medicine. This is when she became aware of energy and started to study a wide range of other perspectives and philosophies. This journey led her to study under a leading feng shui master. Here, she made the connection of the mind and home. During the pandemic, she realized the absolute necessity of creating a home sanctuary as a place of respite from the world.

With her training as a medical psychologist, she was able to connect the universal fears that we all experience in life and how our homes reflect what is going on in our minds. While studying feng shui, she discovered three ancient principles that could empower your mind, your home and your life.

Christy is a trained medical psychologist with a doctorate in psychology. She also has a master’s degree in behavioral neuroscience and completed additional post -doctoral training in clinical psychopharmacology.

She has also extensively studied the connection between chronic stress and the development of illness, the connection between the mind and body in healing, as well as creativity studies. Over the years, she has taken over 48 courses. Her experience in life, neuroscience, sales and entrepreneurship make her ideally suited to bridge the gap between 5000 year old learning and modern science in a unique way.

The Feng Shui Doc Blog

The blog is meant to be a resource for you on all the things -Mind, Home and how to Connect them in a Magical Way.

  • Foundations of Feng Shui
  • Detox your Mind with Healthy Thoughts, Beliefs & Emotions
  • Work with Your Energy & the Energy of Your Home
  • Manifest Abundance into Your Life
  • Develop a Sacred Space & Learn to Trust Your Intuition
  • How to Connect to Nature to Improve Physical & Mental Health
  • Modern Brain Science & Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui & Your Personality

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