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What will the Year of the Rabbit Bring you?

What will the 2023 Year of the Rabbit bring you? A much gentler, calm and peaceful year is in store.

What will 2023 the Year of the Rabbit bring you  ?

The year of the rabbit will bring you a very different energy from 2022.  Before I go into that , let me explain the Chinese Zodiac and its impact on the energy you will feel during that year. There are twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac which is a traditional energy map based on the lunar calendar that assigns an animal and its attributes for the upcoming year. 

The Chinese calendar rotates in sixty year cycles based on twelve earthly branches and five heavenly stems. Each branch is represented by an animal year . Each stem corresponds to an element of nature. The elements are water, fire, metal, wood and earth. The  element of the year also affects the year’s energies. 

So, let’s go back to this year. It is the year of the water rabbit. We will be seeing both the rabbit energy and a water energy. Those of you that follow the Chinese New Year know that 2022 was also a water year of the Tiger.

Water can be very yin or very yang. Think of a waterfall with lots of fast moving water . This is the yang expression of water that dominated 2022. Now, think of a still lake with a beautiful mountain backdrop. This is the yin water energy of 2023. 

Yin water energy is a very contemplative, spiritual energy. It will bring you peace and healing. It will call on you to trust your inner knowing.

The Rabbit is gentle, quiet, kind and yet it moves quickly and is quite clever. It is known to be the luckiest of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. So if you’re feeling 2023 is your year, it is!

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What will the Year of the Rabbit Bring you Dear One?

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