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Plants and Crystals


For thousands of years, ancient medicines like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have relied on nature. Nature is both healing and renewing to our minds and bodies. In Feng Shui, the five elements of nature are earth, wood, water, fire and metal. The one element that every home needs is earth. Earth is grounding, centering, and nurturing. It supports and protects us in our lives.

Crystals are my absolute favorite expression of the earth element. Each crystal has its own healing properties. As you develop your intuition you will be able to choose the crystal your mind, body or home is needing at that time. You can place your crystals in certain baguas of your home, at your desk for work, in your entryway to ground the energy, and even in your garden. I adore pairing crystals with plants in my home. It completely changes the energy of the plant. Be sure to charge your crystal with intention. We’ll cover how to charge your crystals in the guide!


Plants represent the wood element in feng shui. The wood element connects to all things living in nature- trees, flowers and plants! It is all about growth and expansion. The medical benefits of forest bathing in nature have been proven in medical science. Simply connecting to the earth whether it be grass, sand, a river or a tree is hugely beneficial to your mind and body. It can ground you mentally and release EMF physically.

If you identify with the wood element you are likely a visionary, fearless and powerful. You boldy overcome any obstacle in your path. Have you ever noticed how tree roots grow wherever they want to grow regardless of what is in their way? Chances are you find solutions to problems and lead others.You probably also push yourself to the limit on a regular basis. Hey, no judgment here- I am a wood personality myself. I know all too well, when we are out of balance it is easy to feel overwhelmed, under pressure and overstimulated.

It is very important for the wood personality to be mindful and stay in the present moment. Tending to plants and helping them grow toward the light is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness. Plants have different energetic properties as well so knowing your intention will increase the magic and abundance that flow into your home.

In life, we all experience Anxiety, Insomnia, Guilt, Fear, and Depression

Let’s get Grounded, Mindful, & Grow toward the light Together.

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