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5 Ways of Water 

Find power in peace.

Do less and attract more.

Say yes to you .

Do new things in new ways.

You can protect your energy.


Water Paint Colors 

Water Energy Crystals

7 Personal Practices 

About Christy

Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Christy is a trained medical psychologist and Feng Shui master that empowers women to live flourishing lives. By connecting their mind with their home through Feng Shui, powerful intentional change is created. She believes that you deserve to love yourself, your home, and your life.

Christy has been studying the mind for 25 years. In 2013, she began to search for healing modalities outside of western medicine. This is when she became aware of energy and started to study a wide range of other perspectives and philosophies. This journey led her to study under a leading Feng Shui master. Here, she made the deeper connection of the mind and home. During the pandemic, she realized the absolute necessity of creating a home sanctuary as a place of respite from the world.

With her training as a medical psychologist, she was able to connect the universal fears that we all experience in life and how our homes reflect what is going on in our minds. While studying Feng Shui, she discovered three ancient principles that will change the way you live and feel.

Flow like water + find your peace.