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Full Moon Manifesting : What is the Full Moon Asking you to Release?

Full Moon Manifesting : What is it?

Full moon manifesting is a powerful way to work with the lunar cycle each month. During the middle of each month ,we have a full moon in a different astrological sign. This month, it is in fiery Aries.  Working with the cycles of the moon and drawing on the moon’s strong feminine power will allow you to magnify your ability to manifest in your life. The full moon asks us to step into our feminine power and trust our intuition. It asks us to pay attention to dreams, signs and messages we encounter. It also asks us to tap into our feelings. But the Aries full moon says to  take it a step further- Take action.

What do you need to take action on in your life? More specifically, what do you need to release that doesn’t  serve you ? This is a magical time to release subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs from your life. Blocks stop your ability to manifest the life you truly want and they limit your personal power. In the book I am writing , Feng Shui Mind, I reveal how your home can actually be a big clue for you what fear blocks  may be in your life and in what areas of your life. So, be on the lookout for this in January of 2023.

The Full Moon in Aries: What to Do

With this upcoming full moon in Aries, you are going to step up and fight for your heart’s desire. Don’t hold back. There is a relationship focus and balance is very important , especially during  Libra season. Look at your relationships and ask one question.  Does this relationship or person give me energy ?Or , do they deplete my energy?  My Libra balance blog tells you exactly how to do this. Balance in Relationships .

Because Aries is a fiery sign, you might feel at the end of your limits or even volatile. This is okay.

  1. Step into your feelings and allow them.
  2. Acceptance
  3. Forgive if you need to
  4. Release what isn’t serving you
  5. Focus on New Possibilities

If you are feeling excessive energy during this time ,channel it into movement of any kind. Dance in your kitchen with a pet ( Yes, I secretly do this  haha). You can go for a walk in nature, sit near moving water, or go for  an amazing hike, run or bike ride during this time. The key is to use the energy for something positive.

Crystals for the Full Moon 

The crystals I have chosen for your full moon manifesting this month are opal, hematite, snowflake obsidian and black chalcedony. This video explains all of them : Crystals for the Aries Full Moon .

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