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Christy is Medical Psychologist, Feng Shui Master + Author who finds inner peace is the way to combat stress, chaos and anxiety. She writes on combining ancient teachings with modern life to create sanctuary.

Feng Shui Mind: Detox Your Brain and Your Home for a Peaceful Life​

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I am a medical psychologist and I help people connect their mind and their home to create a peaceful life. After studying energy work and feng shui for nearly a decade, I have discovered three ancient principles that parallel what I’ve been taught in modern science. Those three principles can be applied to your mind, your home and your life to change the way you live and feel.

The principles are the same. They are just applied differently through the lenses of the modern science of medical psychology, ancient eastern medical systems and feng shui. You will look at your brain, your home and your life in a new way with truly transformative power. This will allow you to create laser focus in manifesting true abundance unique to your life.

Stagnation of energy, purification of energy and balance are the three principles that I write about in my book Feng Shui Mind. I’ve taken these three ancient principles and applied them to the medical conditions I see most as a psychologist. You will learn how each of these present in your home. Then, you will learn exactly what you need to balance each condition, purify your energy, and remove the blocks keeping you from manifesting all you want in life. You will feel empowered and ready to change the way you think, live and interact with your home.

Holistic Mental Health: Calm Clear and in Control for the Rest of Your Life

Brave Healer Productions

I was honored to co-author a chapter in this book with Laura Mazzotta, a psychotherapist of over 20 years in New York.

My chapter in the book is Sanctuary: Co- Creating Peace with your Home.

I share my very personal story and the struggles I’ve experienced in my life. These struggles led me to be here with you today. The scientific connection between chronic stress and the development of physical disease is a topic near to my heart. We all need more calm in our minds, bodies, homes and lives.

You are energy. Your home is energy. How to two interact determines how you feel at home, in your mind and in your life. You deserve to come home to a sanctuary of peaceful, calm respite from the chaos of today’s world.

Mindset Mastery: Awareness, Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifestation for the Spiritual Warrior

Brave Healer Productions

This project was so much fun! Laura Di Franco , CEO of Brave Healer Productions, asked me to share my secret formula for manifesting anything you want in life!

You are deeply connected to the lunar energy . When you learn how to work with this energy to form a practice each month in manifesting, you amplify your life in a big way. 

For this chapter, I share my new moon energy secrets. If this interests you, try my Moon Manifesting Course which opens this spring.


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