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What Message does your Inner Child have for You ?

What message does your inner child have for you?


The air was perfectly still and yet my heart was jumping with joy. I felt pure adrenaline flowing as I ran out the door of our house like a wild horse . I felt so free . Nothing mattered in that moment. It was  peace. It was magical and I was purely in that moment in a way only my five year old self could be. 

Wow, could my mom get this snow suit any tighter? I felt like Ralphie from a Christmas Story. But I didn’t care, the absolute bliss of our first snowfall called to my five year old heart and I answered. 

For that moment, it was just me and the fresh snow. I threw it up into the air and let it rain back on my face, tasting each snowflake with pure delight. This was my happy place and I was hardly aware of anyone else even being there. Later, I would look back on the picture my mother snapped and revel in the pure happiness in my smile that day. The world felt perfect. My world felt perfect. I have that picture in a frame in my office today to remind me to live like that little girl did.


I think sometimes we forget to call on our inner child .  She is still there and wants to be set free. What would she tell you to do if you allowed her to come out and play? 


Do you need a potent energetic reset ? Perhaps things have been far too serious and you just need to have some fun. The new moon is here to ask for a message from your inner child. New moons are all about calling in something new to you and this new moon in Sagittarius is asking you to call in your inner child.  

Here are the steps:

  1. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
  2. Do you do enough of it now?
  3. Release the beliefs, fears and thought patterns that keep you from living this way .
  4. Go do something today just for you that would make that little girl smile and giggle.


Stay beautiful and feel alive.

Until next time,

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