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How Can the Lunar Eclipse help you Find Peace ?

Lunar Eclipse

Are you looking for peace among the chaos?

The lunar eclipse in Taurus is here to help. You must first get real and ask yourself one question.

Where are you resisting change?

This is your invitation to break free. It’s an energetic push from the cosmos to move you forward in your evolution. You will be shown the path forward away from trauma, grief, fear and chaos.

Your only job is to listen and have faith in the potential to find a better situation. To do this, you have to be willing to let go of the parts of your life that are not working.

Fall in love with the unlimited possibilities of your life. You will be moving between an old version of yourself and a forever changed future version of yourself.

Trust your path and trust the power of this eclipse to propel you forward. Will it be fear of change or will you break free?

Your future self is calling.❤️

The energies of this lunar eclipse will be in place for six months. Here are some ways to harness its power for good.

1. Protect Your Energy – see my blog article on Energetic Boundaries

2. Clear the Energy of Your Home with Salt Burning, Singing Bowls, Smudging or Clapping

3. Unblock Your Energy with Yoga, Reiki, Chakra Work,Massage

4. Detoxify Your Body with Salt Baths, Glutathione, Infrared Sauna , Greens

5. Release Toxic Relationships and People

6. Get Grounded with Crystals -grab my free plant and crystal guide

7. Slow Down when you feel Overwhelmed

8. Stop Overthinking. Instead, get grounded and go into your body . Access your intuition.

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