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The Freedom of Saying Yes

Say Yes

Do you hold back when you want to say yes to an adventure or opportunity in your life?

My Story

I recently was asked to speak at a wellness convention in front of one hundred thousand people . This is not something I have done before and by nature I am a writer, not a speaker.

But this is part of what I want to do. In order to help  women live flourishing lives, I must find them first. So, I knew immediately I had to say yes.

The fear I had about this had to be met with courage .This work matters to my soul. It is a part of my growth. My darling, you too must say yes , especially to the things that scare you the most !

The Freedom in Saying Yes

Saying yes opens the gate to receiving what your soul really wants to manifest in life. When you say yes, the universe will respond. Period, without exception. This is the law.

When it does answer, you will feel a huge energy rush into your body and life. Your vibration will raise to new levels.

And, the scarier yes feels to you, the more likely that you need to say yes. The abundance on the other side is far above what you could ever imagine standing where you are now . Believe in yourself and your unlimited ability to manifest.

The Universal Law of Energy

You are energy. Everything is energy and physics governs energy. Therefore , the laws of the universe light the way to creating a life you love.

The one constant law of the Universe that no one can change ,even though you might try hard , is that everything transforms. Energy is meant to transform. Energy is meant to move around changing from one form to another . We are meant to transform and level up as we go through life .Change is needed.

Transformation is available to everyone regardless of your circumstances. But, you must say yes to it beautiful one !

Three Steps to Saying Yes

  1. You must trust. You may not always know what is on the other side of yes. This means you have to let go of the need to control the outcome. 
  2. Saying yes to the universe expresses confidence in yourself and your unlimited ability to manifest in life. 
  3. Courage is required to say yes. You must face your fears head on and look them in the eye like a badass. This is the only path to true growth and transformation.

The Universe has your back and so do I darling.

You’re doing great.

Until next time,

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