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Do you have a Sacred Space?

Sacred Space
Sacred Space
“Life on the island had an ease about it and you could feel it in each person you met there. The island embodied what home should feel like. It nurtured us, allowed us to revel in its beauty, it energized us with the warm sunshine when it needed and other times told us to be still. It knew love. It knew energy. It knew alchemy. I will never forget those lessons.” – Feng Shui Mind
When I lived on the island , my sacred space was a secret place of beauty that no one else knew about. It was perfection.
Do you Have a Spot ?
It is so important that you gift yourself this space. It can be in your home, in nature, or even a place you visit in your mind.
🌺It belongs to only you .
🌺You decompress here.
🌺You go on your inward journey here.
🌺You create here.
🌺You recharge here.
🌺You are safe here.
🌺You are calm here.
🌺You meet your future self here for guidance.
🌺This is your sacred space.
Remember to include whatever items are special to you here. Those can include mala beads, crystals, plants, personal photos, candles, a journal & pen and a favorite blanket.
Find your sacred space and visit it regularly.
You deserve this and you’re worth it❤️.
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