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How do you Know You’re an Empath?


You are an Empath

Do you get weird vibes around people sometimes but you are not sure why?

You are an empath. Today I was eating lunch at a restaurant I like to frequent and the waitress was as nice as she could be to us while at the restaurant. However, I could not get far enough away from this woman. She did absolutely nothing wrong but for some reason everything that she did annoyed me.

She seemed to come at exactly the wrong time over and over again. She took my glass to refill it  instead of bringing me a new glass. She made way too much small talk. Now, I was trying to have a business lunch with someone and focus on our conversation. That said, the reality is this woman was just doing her job and trying to be an excellent server.  So, why did this annoy me so?

I pondered on this and quickly realized that this was an energy thing . Her energy was overwhelming for me because I am such an empath. It was as though she unknowingly invaded my personal energy field and I was feeling this energetically but unsure why consciously  .

Survival as an Empath

This happens often and when you learn to tap into energy you will begin to recognize your own energetic boundaries. Empaths are much more sensitive to the energy of others they interact with , often absorbing the emotions of others. You must practice extra self compassion and self care to survive as an empath. Here is my empath checklist for survival:

  1. Practice extra self care.
  2. Learn to recognize when someone crosses your energetic boundaries.
  3. Clear your personal energy frequently, especially after an interaction with dirty energy in any form. See my blog on identifying dirty energy: The Importance of Energetic Boundaries.
  4. Clear the energy of your home often.
  5. Allow yourself time to unplug.
  6. Recognize burn out before it becomes critical. This can be counterintuitive. When you are your most busy is the exact time you need to take a time out to get a massage, take a hot bath or meditate. Read self compassion tips here:Self Compassion Tips.
  7. Remember that you cannot serve others if you are depleted and that is okay.
  8. Give yourself permission to say no without guilt.
  9. When you feel overwhelmed by what is going on in the world, refocus to something smaller that you can make better. Mindfulness can bring you back to the present moment. Read about it here:Can Mindfulness Change Your Life?
  10. Be willing to eliminate toxic people from your life. Noone is allowed to take your peace away and they must add more than they take from your life.

Stay amazing my fellow empaths.

Until next time,

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