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Channel the Fire Element When You Need Love, Joy, & Creativity

channel the fire element

One of my most favorite things to do when I was on the island was to go down to the sound and watch the sunset at the end of the day. For those few moments, nothing else existed. It was transformative. Think of a gorgeous sunset where the sky is painted with vibrant magentas, reds, oranges and yellows.

In feng shui, these colors represent the fire element. If you are in need of creative fire for a project, this is a great element to work with in your office. Or maybe your love life needs spicing up and you need a touch of the fire element in your bedroom. A tiny amount of fire can made radical shifts in your environment. Just be careful in the bedroom to only bring a gentle touch of the fire element as too much fire could keep you from resting. I got so excited about this that I painted an entire room coral and put huge pops of vibrant art in it. Check it out on my Instagram page.

The fire element can bring joy, creative expression and passion into your home and life. It is also great to work with for self-love rituals. There are many ways to bring the fire element into your home. One of the easiest is with candles and lighting. If you love art, vibrant art can completely energize a room. Treat yourself to bright happy fresh flowers in pinks, reds and purples. When designing a room use vibrant textiles like lush pink pillows and silk sari curtains.

The Taoist theory upon which feng shui is built is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM doctors work with the five elements of nature in the body, mind and home environment.  We even have predominant elements of our personality rooted in nature as well. Sometimes we get off balance by not having enough of an element or by having too much of it. One must always be in balance in body, mind and home for qi (chi) to flow in a balanced way.

Fire personalities use their gift of expression and magnetism to draw people close to them. They are sharply intuitive, emotional and live from their hearts. Like a warm crackling fire, we are mesmerized by the fire personality and easily feel connected to them.  I could stare into the flames of a fire for hours. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, too much fire in the body creates indigestion, inflammation and high blood pressure. Anxiety, anger and insomnia are psychological manifestations of having excess fire.

The down side to fire personalities is that they can burn out and burn you in the process if you get too close when they’re out of balance. They can be prone to being overly emotional, anxious and self- destructive.  Think about these famous creators who were masters of their craft but lived tortured lives- Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Most of all, when bringing the fire element into your home and life remember to have fun with it and be a little cheeky

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