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The Wood Element Personality

wood element personality

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This room vibes with the wood element because of the mini plant kingdom(which I love ) & because of the plush green velvet sofa, I want one!

The wood element in Feng Shui is all things living- think trees, flowers & plants!

An amazing way to channel the wood element into your body and life is forest bathing. This basically means making contact with the earth in some way to ground yourself physically. This actually decreases EMF load in your body as well. You can plant your feet in the sand by the ocean, in the grass in your yard, or in a river bank. Bring the wood element into your home with plants, greens and chocolate browns, botanical prints, and floral prints.

The wood personality type is a visionary who is fearless and powerful.

Wood types are bold, determined and overcome obstacles easily. Have you ever noticed how tree roots grow wherever they want to regardless of what is in their way? If you identify with the wood element, chances are you find solutions to problems and lead others.

You probably also push yourself to the limit on a regular basis. Hey, no judgment here- I am a wood personality myself. I know all too well, when we are out of balance it is easy to feel overwhelmed, under pressure and overstimulated. It is very important for the wood personality to be mindful and stay in the present moment, get regular exercise where you move your energy in some way, and take quiet time to calm and decompress from all of your ambitious goals.

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