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Channel the Metal Element for Focus & Clarity

channel the metal element

Do you have a lot of great ideas but have trouble executing them? The metal element in feng shui can bring clarity, focus and execution of your ideas into reality. But before we dive into that, let’s have a quick lesson on life force energy through the lens of TCM and Ayurveda. These ancient medicine systems have been healing for thousands of years.

It is believed by both traditions that we all consist of a life force energy that nourishes both our body and our mind. This same life force energy or qi (chi) also exists in our home. Acupuncture in TCM works to keep this energy flowing through invisible meridians of the body. These meridians deliver nutrients to the organs in the form of qi (chi). The strength and flow of the meridians system is essential for balance in our body and mind. While studying with Rodika Tchi, one of my most favorite things she said was about this very topic. “Feng shui is acupuncture for your home.”- Rodika Tchi. It keeps the energy flowing and moving in a healthy way so that your entire home is nourished with good energy.

The Taoist theory upon which feng shui is built is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM doctors work with the five elements of nature in the body, mind and home environment.  We even have predominant elements of our personality rooted in nature as well. Sometimes we get off balance by not having enough of an element or by having too much of it. One must always be in balance in body, mind and home for qi (chi) to flow in a balanced way.

When at their best, those with metal personality can conquer the world and get the results they desire due to their focus, organization and precise execution of goals. Metal allows us to be brilliant, inspire and shine. Balanced metal allows for healthy routines, boundaries and inspiring rituals.

However, when out of balance the metal personality can be cold, distant, withdrawn and too rigid. When we feel too many emotions which cause us to withdraw and isolate ourselves, this is also metal out of balance. In Western terms, this would be sadness, depression and grief.  Too much of this can do the very opposite of what metal is known for by keeping us stuck and stagnant.
Interestingly, metal is associated with the lung meridian in TCM. So, too much grief can cause lung disease. I have a personal testimony to this philosophy. My mother and father were married for forty years. After my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my dad just stopped taking care of himself. After an entire year of silent grieving, he crossed over from pneumonia just days before my mom’s passing. If we lack metal in our personality, we can have poor boundaries with others in our life and suffer lack of self- care. Excess metal can bring difficulty in speaking our truth to others, developing intimacy in relationships and trouble with spontaneity.

You can bring the metal element into your home with metal Buddha statues, metal vases, metal picture frames and beautiful handmade Tibetan singing bowls. Grays, whites and metallics represent the metal element when choosing textiles like bedding, bath linens, curtains, rugs and pillows. I will end with a fun fact about the metal element.  It is associated with the planet Venus which is named after the Roman Goddess of Love.

Take Care and Go Channel Some Brilliant Metal!

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