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Grounding and Earthing

grounding and earthing

Earth is energy. We are energy. Our homes are energy. Literally everything around you is energy. Energy must flow. Earthing is a therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning your electrical energy by connecting physically to earth. This has been shown to have positive effects on inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle repair, chronic pain, and mood. You can connect to the earth and rebalance your energy field by being barefoot in the grass or sand, by lying in the grass or on the beach, and by submerging yourself in water at the ocean, a river, spring, or waterfall. Every time I am on the beach, I have the urge to bury my feet in the sand. Now, I know why. If you have ever heard someone speak of healing springs this is likely what was meant. Our bodies heal themselves when balanced energetically.

As energetic beings, we are affected by both natural and human-made energy fields. The energy fields around the human body are fluid and change with conditions in our environment. Dr. G Patrick Flanagan said, “Man is living in a sea of energy of which he is not usually aware.” 

The magnetic fields of the earth are subject to continuous pulsations of low magnitude frequencies. Earth’s surface is negatively charged while the earth’s atmosphere is positively charged. Charge on the earth is generated and maintained by the action of high voltage atomic particles called cosmic rays and the action of short wave ultraviolet light emitted by the sun.  The existence of this field has been known since 1752.

 We do not feel this field because our bodies are at ground potential and the field tends to wrap itself around the body. This shape is similar to what some mystics describe as one’s aura energy field. The structures we live in alter and shape this field. These fields increase the rate of electrical impulse generation by the nerves. Molecules of oxygen form negative ions while positive ions are formed by carbon dioxide molecules.

Our bodies are designed to maintain a state of homeostasis, and when an imbalance occurs or an intruder enters, our bodies can right the wrongs under ideal conditions. But a body inundated with positive ions, toxins, and inflammation cannot perform its duties as efficiently as it was designed to do.  Do you remember how good it feels to plant your feet in the sand at the beach? This is earthing and grounding yourself in nature to naturally balance your ionic energy and help your body do its job to protect you.

Sadly, excess positive ions are mostly generated by us humans. Basically, anything that generates EMF or is toxic also generates positive ions. This includes most of the things we have with us throughout the day like tablets, cell phones, computers and Wi-Fi routers. Most of us spend our time indoors and void of negative ions. Our modern world is buzzing with electromagnetic radiation, and the constant and accumulative effects of EMF exposure have been linked to neurological, psychological, immunological, and physiological disorders and conditions. This includes but is not limited to insomnia, depression, anxiety, thyroid malfunction, cancer, and fertility complications. This is why spending time in nature and connecting to earth to gain more negative ions is so important to our health.

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