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How do you Know You’re an Empath?

You are an Empath Do you get weird vibes around people sometimes but you are not sure why? You are an empath. Today I was eating lunch at a restaurant I like to frequent and the waitress was as nice as she could be to us while at the restaurant. However, I could not get […]

The Importance of Energetic Boundaries

energetic boundaries

So, everything is energy. Energy expresses itself in many forms. Some are positive and some are negative. Because of this, we must be very careful what type of energy we allow around us at all times. In order to do that, you must learn to distinguish between good and bad energy. Most importantly, your life […]

Chi Energy is Contagious

chi energy

Chi energy is contagious. We feel the energy around us in other humans, our pets, our homes. If emotions are chi then they must be contagious too. Have you ever just felt icky around someone but you had no idea why? It was their energy. The more aligned you become, the more you are able […]

The Ancient Egyptians Knew Pure Energy

ancient egyptians

Where am I going with all of this talk about negative ions? Stay with me, I promise there is a connection here. Many believe the mummies found in the Great Pyramids were so well preserved due to advanced mummification procedures. However, NASA scientists researched the pyramids and proposed it’s actually due to negative ion energetic […]

The Science of Negative Ions Explained

science of negative ions

I remember even as a small child being by the ocean, feeling calmly still and wildly invigorated at the same time. Have you ever wondered why you feel better physically or have more energy when by the ocean? Maybe standing on the top of a mountain after an invigorating hike energizes you …or at the […]