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The Energy Map of your Home

Did you know that each room in your home corresponds to an area of your life? Your home has an energetic blueprint that connects to areas of your life. Take a look around and see if an area in your home is neglected, cluttered or just doesn’t wow you when you spend time in it. […]

Do you want more Balance & Harmony in your Life and Relationships?

Do you want more balance and harmony in your life? The New Moon in Libra this Sunday is all about balance and harmony restoration . The new moon each month can amplify your ability to manifest in your life. Harness its powerful energy into your life in three steps.  Go Inward This is a time […]

Leaning into Emotions Instead of Running During Full Moon

Learning into Emotions Instead of Running During Full Moon

Do you feel like escaping an emotion because it is just too intense? You are not alone. We all do this when feelings are overwhelming to us or we are not sure how to deal with them.  But, I want you to consider doing something completely counterintuitive when you feel an intense emotion.  I want […]

Is Self Compassion the Missing Ingredient in your Ability to Manifest?

Is Self Compassion the Missing Ingredients in your Ability to Manifest?

Self Compassion  Why do we find it so much easier to show compassion to others than to ourselves? So many of us are gracious loving people to others in our lives but not to ourselves. This is nothing short of tragic because showing ourselves love and compassion allows us to show up in the world. For […]

Can Mindfulness Change Your Life?

can mindfulness change your life

  My most favorite memories of my time on the island are morning walks on the beach with my Labrador Retriever Pearl. We were never more present than during these times, both with each other and with nature. Pearl would carefully select a seashell to add to her collection. Each shell represented a day well […]

What is Your Home Saying about Your Fear?

what is your home saying about your fear

Did you know fear can actually show up in your home’s clutter pattern?  I’m writing a book about this called Feng Shui Mind. Your home holds many clues as to what you might be feeling in your inner world. If you learn to work with it intentionally, it can change your life in the most […]

The Magic of Malas

The Magic of Malas

The Mystical Mala and Peace Did you know that Meditation Malas can be used for much more than just meditation? These beautiful beads originated in India over 3000 years ago . The word “mala ” in Sanskrit means meditation garland. There are always 108 beads in each mala strand. The last (109th) stone is referred to as […]

Gratitude is the Key to Manifestation

Gratitude is the key to manifestation

Gratitude is truly the key to manifestation. Whatever you wish to create in your life, it all begins with gratitude for what you do have. It sounds counterintuitive, but the less you have the more you can be grateful. When I had lost just about everything in my life, I learned to practice how to […]

What Do You Want to Welcome into your Life with the New Moon?

What Do You Want to Welcome into Your Life with the New Moon?

Many years ago when I was a teacher, one of the elder teachers at our school said to me.” You can tell it is a full moon today.”  I thought to myself, what is she talking about ? But sure enough, I started tracking it and my students would always behave in amplified ways around […]